jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Cheating Spouse Signs - Some Clues To Look For

When people talk about how to find out if your spouse is cheating they often referrer to the tell tale signs. This includes things like a change in their grooming habits, a peculiar cologne or perfume smell on their person. Of course lipstick on the collar or an article of clothing not belonging to either spouse are blatantly obvious tell tale signs.

There are always signs you can look for if you suspect your spouse is cheating but not all of them are quite so obvious. Yes your instinct which is pretty good as far as it goes tells you something is not right but that is not enough. There are other signs which are far more subtle that you need to be aware of. It is also necessary to observe over a period of time if there is a pattern.
1. Distant and Growing

It is very hard to keep up the appearance of strong love loyalty and affection to two different partners. After awhile one just cannot measure up to the other. It doesn't take long for a cheating spouse to recognize this. Before long the space between the two of you starts to grow wider. In spite of trying desperately to maintain the faade in reality the relationship is breaking apart.

2. Privacy All The Time

This comes part and parcel with the distance gap. Now it seems like they want to be alone for everything. Whether it is to take an incoming call, spending more time in cyberspace or deciding to run more errands by themselves the bottom line is they don't want anyone (meaning you) tagging along.

3. The People Wall

You have for the most part gotten along pretty well with your significant other's social circle. At least if nothing else you have been cordial and vice versa. For whatever reason when you talk to them nowadays they appear to be more tight lipped. They're still cordial but you can sense they are giving you the bare minimum of information in an effort to protect you spouse.

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