lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

Why Do Men Lie and Cheat on Women

You knew your man was lying and cheating on you but on the other hand, he kept assuring you that he still loves you very much. You start to wonder why do men lie and cheat on women but yet still can say he loves you. What are the reasons for all these and Why?

Here are the most possible reasons why men lie about cheating:

- They are worried of losing you

Who can stand their man having two women at the same time? How would you react when you catch him red handed with another woman? I guessed most of the women may just pack up and leave the man. Although it really sound ridiculous that he is afraid to lose you but yet on the side hugging another woman but well this is a real fact that is happening in many womens life. I would think that his cheating is more of his integrity issue rather than doubting his love for you.

- Enjoying more than just a woman

Men lied to women because they want to continue their affair with another woman. The pleasure of having a wife at home and a lover at home can be two different feelings and comfort for them.

- They knew cheating was wrong

Having an affair is not a glamorous act and obviously they knew this was wrong. Unless they are caught in the act or else they will just deny till the end. This is a way of protecting themselves.

- Image Protection

If he has always been portraying a role model as a great husband and daddy, he definitely would not want to lose out on that. Good image always stay but bad image just lives forever.

If you have been suspecting your man has been lying and cheating on you, there are still many possible and great ways to Stop Men From Lying.

Honesty and Trust is the way to long lasting r elationship. Make Your Man Love You More Than Now and create a successful and beautiful relationship.

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